Day/night compound & convoy protection. Eyes-on-Target. Situational awareness “over the hill” and as far as 5 km. away. Deploy in less than 3 minutes & fly for up to 50 minutes in strong winds. Ruggedised for desert and Arctic environments.

Eye-in-the-Sky for first responders. Methodical grid-based aerial search of terrain. Discrete surveillance and operational planning. With the new HDZoom30 camera identify people and read license plates at 300 meters. Evidence collection. Traffic accident analysis.

Collect aerial images faster, cheaper and safely for a wide range of industries. Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Inspect oil, gas and electricity installations. Aerial information for farmers & environmentalists. News gathering. Enhanced VIP protection.

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The SkyRanger is a drone. This type of vertical takeoff/landing flyer is often referred to as a “small Unmanned Aerial System” which is usually abbreviated to sUAS. Airborne in less than 3 minutes SkyRanger can be be flown day or night in the desert, the Arctic and across the world. Reliable performance even in harsh environments and high winds.

With no prior experience and with minimal training anyone can fly. There are no joysticks as flight planning and control is via a ruggedised laptop. With an extended range of up to 5 km. SkyRanger can stream live video and photos from way beyond line-of-sight.